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As iconic as the black jersey & deeply ingrained in our history, there’s a Steinlager for every Super Moment. Which do you choose?


Steinlager Pure Ultra – Choose Balance

A low carb lager that doesn’t compromise on taste! Steinlager Pure Ultra is made using a selection of New Zealand’s finest hops, delivering a smooth and refreshing taste with 50% less carbs than Steinlager.

Steinlager Pure Light – Choose Clarity

A full-bodied lager that is lower in alcohol, calories and carbs but does not compromise on flavour.

Steinlager Classic – Choose Unrivalled Quality

Steinlager Classic’s international award-winning taste is envied by brewers the world over.

Steinlager Tokyo Dry – Choose Collaboration

Steinlager Tokyo Dry is a Super Dry lager where New Zealand’s raw ingredients meet Japanese brewing mastery. Two beer cultures in perfect balance.

Steinlager Pure – Choose Purity

New Zealand water, barley, hops and yeast. No additives, no preservatives. Keep It Pure.

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