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Byron Bay Brewery Sparkling Cocktail Lemon Gin Spritz 4.6% Cans 10x330ml

The Byron Bay Gin Spritz is a sour/tangy fusion of zesty lemon flavours balanced with the botanical notes of gin and made even more crisp by the addition of sparkling soda. Perfectly balanced both low sugar and low calories. (Less than 40g Calories per 100ml & 2.9g of sugar per 100mls)

Crimson Badger Brewing Dark & Grizzly 5.8% Cans 8x330ml

A tasty combination of Crimson Badger's classic Ginger Bear with Spiced Rum and fresh lime. Based of course on the classic dark and stormy cocktail, revered and totally delicious!

Crimson Badger Brewing Ginger Bear 4% Cans 10x330ml

The original craft ginger beer with just enough ginger spice and the right amount of sweetness. Balanced and refreshing, this is New Zealand's famous Ginger Bear. Born and raised in Queenstown, independently owned. Vegan and Gluten intolerant friendly. Now in a handy 10 Pack carry case!

DB Draught Bottles 15x330ml

DB Draught is the drop that is more rewarding than any other. The brand embodies typical kiwi values of strength, honesty, hard work and loyalty, and loves to reward great mates. The fact that it's a great tasting, easy drinking, full-flavoured beer only further adds to DB Draught's strong following across New Zealand.

DB Draught Bottles 24x330ml

The things you really value are the things you can't replace. Since the pioneering days of the 1930's, DB Draught has quenched the thirst of Kiwi Blokes with the real flavour and great taste of New Zealand's Original Draught Beer. DB Draught has a crystal-clear, copper gold colour, with a malty and slightly nutty flavour to balance the mild, aromatic hop aromas and clean bitterness. The beer is very smooth with a long finish and hints of caramel flavours in the aftertaste.

Eddyline Crank Yanker IPA Cans 4x440ml

BRONZE MEDAL, NZ Brewers Guild Awards 2022 - Elevate your beer experience with Eddyline's award-winning masterpiece CrankYanker WCIPA! This West Coast IPA is a triumph of big, bold American hop flavours and a perfectly balanced maltiness. Brewed to perfection, CrankYanker is a hop lover's dream, generously infused with a blend of U.S. El Dorado, Cascade, Centennial, and Mosaic hops, creating an aromatic and flavour-packed journey with every sip. Committed to quality and environmental responsibility, CrankYanker is proudly made with 100% NZ malts, lending a local touch to its exceptional character. Sustainably brewed, it's not just a beer; it's a conscious choice that captures the essence of craftsmanship and care for the environment.

Eddyline EddyLite Session Pale Ale Cans 4x440ml

BRONZE MEDAL, Brewers Guild Awards, 2023 - Introducing EddyLite, Eddyline's session Pale Ale that embodies the perfect balance of full-bodied richness and a delightful hoppy aroma. Crafted with care, EddyLite is made from 100% NZ malts, ensuring a local touch in every sip. Sustainably brewed, this low-carb beer is the ideal choice for those seeking a flavourful brew with reduced alcohol content. Elevate your beer experience with EddyLite - a testament to their commitment to quality, sustainability, and a taste that stands out from the rest. Cheers to a refreshing and conscious choice!

Eddyline Happy Camper American Pale Ale Cans 4x440ml

Embark on a flavor-filled journey with Eddyline's Happy Camper APA, an American Pale Ale that takes your taste buds on an adventure. Immerse yourself in the intense tropical juice aroma that invites you to wander into a world of refreshing dank bitterness, perfectly balanced with just enough malt to bring it all together. Crafted for those who crave a bold and invigorating experience, Happy Camper APA promises a crisp and refreshing finish, making it the ideal companion for any adventure - whether you're in the great outdoors or simply enjoying a moment of relaxation at home. Indulge in the vibrant burst of flavours that define this American Pale Ale, and let Happy Camper APA be your go-to choice for a satisfying and refreshing brew.

Eddyline Kaiteri Gold Pilsner Cans 4x440ml

Medal winning and best selling Kaiteri Gold is a golden Czech style pilsner with a malty body and crisp, spicy & floral hoppiness.

Eddyline Mixed Hazy 4 Pack Cans 4x440ml

Four medal winning and amazing tasting hazy beers including: Octolupulus Session Hazy (Bronze Medal - Brewers Guild Awards 2023), Board Rider Hazy NZ IPA (Bronze Medal - Brewers Guild Awards 2023), Tantric Haze Hazy IPA (Bronze Medal - Brewers Guild Awards 2023), Sippin' on Sunshine Hazy Pale Ale (Bronze Medal - Brewers Guild Awards 2023).

Eddyline Mixed IPA 4 Pack Cans 4x440ml

Four medal winning and amazing tasting IPA's including: GorgeJuice Hazy IPA (Gold Medal - Brewers Guild Awards 2023), Tantric Haze Hazy IPA (Silver Medal - Brewers Guild Awards 2023), Tantric Haze Hazy IPA (Bronze Medal - Brewers Guild Awards 2023), Island Life Grapefruit WCIPA (Bronze Medal - Brewers Guild Awards 2023).

Eddyline Sippin' On Sunshine Hazy Pale Ale Cans 4x440ml

BRONZE MEDAL, NZ Brewers Guild Awards 2022, 2023 - Indulge in the essence of summer with Eddyline's refreshing creation, Sippin' on Sunshine Hazy Pale Ale. Crafted to elevate your enjoyment, this brew is triple dry-hopped with a delightful blend of Mosaic, Sultana, and Motueka hops, creating a juicy and hazy experience. Embracing their commitment to sustainability, Sippin' on Sunshine is proudly brewed with 100% NZ malts, infusing a local touch into every sip. The smooth maltiness adds a touch of finesse to the burst of flavour, ensuring a harmonious balance that culminates in a refreshing crispness. It's not just a beer; it's a conscious choice for those who appreciate quality, flavour, and a commitment to the environment.
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