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Gin & Prosecco

There’s a few variations here that are worth a mention: add sparkling wine, a squeeze of lemon, even a bit of honey to your gin; or gin, prosecco and some elderflower syrup.

Gin & Ginger

Keep this one up your sleeve for when the weather cools. This works best with a spiced or winter gin and brings out botanicals like cinnamon, cardamon and orange. We love a super fiery ginger beer like East Imperial or Fever Tree.

Gin & Pink Lemonade

We do love a pink drink! For the ultimate summer drink, serve your gin with pink lemonade and garnish with berries or slices of fresh peach.

Gin & Soda

Nothing new or original here but it’s often overlooked. A refreshing alternative without the bitterness of quinine that is in some tonic. Add muddled mint leaves and simple syrup for a gin-credible twist on a mojito.