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Steinlager Ultra Low Carb Bottles 24x330ml

Steinlager Ultra Low Carb is a perfectly balanced, super easy drinking beer with an exceptionally crisp and refreshing finish. Made with no additives and preservatives and 99% carb free with just 88 calories.

Steinlager Ultra Low Carb Cans 6x330ml

The Steinlager Ultra low carb is refreshingly 99% carb free and only 88 calories. The liquid good on ya lips and hips!

Steinlager Zero 0.0% Alcohol Bottles 12x330ml

Steinlager Zero delivers a full flavour that is perfectly balanced with a dry, tangy finish and the crisp, clean bitterness that Steinlager drinkers know and love.

Tiger Crystal Ultra Low Carb Bottles 12x330ml

A premium low-carb lager beer with bite. With 70% less carbs than Tiger 5% it's the perfect beer to fit into your well-balanced lifestyle.
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