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Judged Best In Class in the International USA category of the New Zealand Whisky Awards (The Drammy's) is the very unique Maker's Mark 46. 

French oaked for layers of flavor, Maker's 46 is the taste vision of Bill Samuels, Jr. Creating his signature bourbon requires first-of-its-kind finishing that begins with fully matured cask strength Maker’s Mark. Ten seared French oak staves are fitted into the barrel before the whisky is finished to maturity under ideal conditions in our limestone cellar.

The result is an easy-to-sip bourbon with notes of caramel, vanilla and baking spice that greet the palate in layers. Capturing the 46 taste vision took some doing. But all you need to figure out is your favorite way to enjoy Bill, Jr.’s recipe - we recommend a Maker's Mark 46 Manhattan - with so few ingredients in this recipe, Bill Samuel's, Jr., believes the bourbon you put in a Manhattan better stand out. The complex layers of caramel and baking spice in Maker's 46 truly elevate this classic.