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Mac's Freeride Alcohol-Free Pale Ale Bottles 6x330ml

Mac's Freeride is a pale ale brewed to be super low in alcohol but still full in flavour by the process of arrested fermentation. Pale and crystal malts are used to give the beer a smooth, caramelised malt flavour and full body. Fermentation is controlled to keep alcohol at less than 0.5% and then the beer is dry-hopped with New Zealand Nectaron hops, giving aromas of tropical fruit plus notes of peach and grapefruit.

Mac's Mid Vicious Session Pale Ale Cans 6x330ml

Like a rockstar with a day job, this Session Pale Ale keeps its hoppy flavour blaring, but cuts the alcohol content in half. This brew definitely gets its fans cheering. Mid strength and full-on flavour are the things that make this creation sing. Mid Vicious is the little brother to the Mac's pale ale family.

Mac's Slim Hazy Low Carb Hazy IPA Cans 6x330ml

Mac's Slim Hazy is a Hazy IPA brewed to be low in carbs but still full in flavour. Slim Hazy uses Citra and Simcoe hops in the brewhouse and again for dry-hopping, this gives the beer both the right level of bitterness as well as up-front flavour and aroma. Mac's Slim Hazy has notes of passionfruit, pine and stone fruit. Overall, an easy drinking, very session-able IPA.

Mac's Stunt Double Golden Ale Bottles 6x330ml

Fly over and take a nosedive into this bright and refreshing golden ale. Brewed to have less than 0.5% alcohol, you can enjoy all the stunts without being left on the runway.

Mac's Ultra Violet Low Carb Pale Ale Cans 12x330ml

Low carb beer can be dull and gloomy, but Ultra Violet is a shinning light from the dark side of the moon. Smooth bitterness with a crisp clean finish, and 50% less carbs than other Mac's beers!

Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% Bottles 6x330ml

The same uplifting taste that's full of life, the same passion & flair, and the same elevated moment as with Peroni Nastro Azzurro; now also with 0.0% alcohol.

Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb Lager Bottles 12x330ml

From a place purer than yours, they keep Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb beer delicious for you. Now 99% Carb Free and only 89 calories per bottle.

Pure Blonde Ultra Low-Carb Lager Bottles 12x355ml

Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carbohydrate is a light, crisp, aromatic lager that delivers a superior taste. Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carbohydrate has 80% less carbohydrate than regular beer, and is low in gluten, which makes a perfect alternative for those looking for a lighter beer.

Sawmill Bare Beer No Alcohol Pale Ale Bottles 6x330ml

Big tropical aroma and a smooth bitterness defy logic in this no alcohol Pale Ale. Contains less than 0.5% ABV.

Sawmill Hazy Bare Beer Non-Alcoholic Hazy IPA Cans 6x330ml

A juicy IPA without the alcohol. Big tropical and citrus aromas from the locally grown hops.

Sawmill Low Carb Pale Ale Bottles 6x330ml

A flavourful pale ale with far less carbs and calories than the average Pale Ale! A light and zesty Pale Ale with tropical hops and a crisp finish.

Sawmill Session IPA Cans 6x330ml

Lively, balanced and generous. This Session Ale packs it into 3.7% with tropical fruit aroma and full hop character.
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