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From lager with salt & vinegar chips to a cider with Asian style pork belly, check out our simple guide of what to eat with each main style of beer.


The good thing about lagers is that they're often mild and crisp and work well to cleanse the palate, so they go well with pretty much anything! Think fried food or street food - hot dogs, burgers, chicken, fries or fish & chips but also mild cheeses and citrus flavours. We also would never shy away from a cold lager with a handful of salt & vinegar chips. 


Pilsners a fairly light and crisp with a balanced acidity - they go great with spicy food, white fish, pork, cheese and salty foods such as prezels, olives and capers. 


Many IPA's have strong aromatics, a herbaceousness & tropical notes - the aromatics in Thai food like lemon grass & coriander, or lime & tamarind in Vietnamese food are a great match, as well as a juicy mango salsa, tacos or fajitas. 

Wheat Beer

Wheat beers are the beer equivelent to a crisp white white - very flexible & versatile when it comes to matching with food. Seafood, sushi, spring vegatables, salad, light, fresh cheeses such as goats cheese or feta, lighter thai and mexican dishes flavoured with herbs and citrus. 

Pale Ale 

Pale ales are characteristically flavourful without being overpowering so we think of aromatic, spicy, smoky, barbecued or grilled food. They can also stand up to creamyness or fattiness so strong cheeses such as blue cheese. 


For sours, think foods that will compliment the tart flavours in the beer. Anything spicy like chilli; Salty foods like cured meats or sausage; Strong cheeses like a sharp sheddar compliment the fruity sourness in the beer. 


Ciders tend to be either fresh or bold, and either dry or sweet and that definitely needs some consideration in a food match. It goes without saying that pork & apple are a perfect match - so we think sausages, chops or an asian style pork belly will be a match for most apple ciders. It's also excellent with cheese - try a dry, fruity cider with cheddar, or a sweeter cider with feta.