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Cassels is a family-owned and operated craft beer brewing company in Christchurch. After a longstanding, family interest in brewing, Alasdair Cassels, his son Zak and son-in-law Joe Shanks started commercial brewing in 2009 with a custom-built 200L Wood Fired Brewery, one of only 2 still functional worldwide.

From their purpose-built facility at The Tannery, Woolston and with the appreciation of traditional methods, high quality local ingredients and modern technical practices, the Cassels team have been brewing noteworthy beers that bring exceptional flavour and stay true to traditional craft beer values.

New from Cassels is the the Nectaron®. It’s juicy, tropical and perfect for Summer. This NZ IPA has been hopped at multiple stages through its brewing journey. All that hoppy goodness mellows with the toastiness of NZ Ale Malt and Cassels' House Ale Strain and the result is the almighty brew you’ll be drinking all Summer!

ABV 6.1%

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