Why Riesling rocks

03 May 2018

Why Riesling rocks

Ever wanted to know what bottle of wine to take to a dinner party where you don’t know what you’re eating? Often wrongly associated with being much too sweet, Riesling has a brightness & balance that makes it super food friendly. You’ll be able to find an affordable bottle to suit just about any occasion, meal or plate!

Because of its natural acidity and early ripening qualities, Riesling is usually lower in alcohol, and can either be bone dry or a bit sweet – depending on the climate. Rieslings come from a variety of locations: Germany, Australia, France, Austria, USA, and of course New Zealand.

While German Rieslings range from dry and refreshing to sweet and unctuous, Australia’s Rieslings are full of lime and other citrus flavours. Riesling grapes thrive in the long South Island Autumns – In sunny Nelson, flavours are of stonefruit and spice, Marlborough expressions are more citrusy, and from the cooler Waipara Valley, it’s distinctly green apples and citrus.

Enjoy the drier styles with salads and light seafood or chicken dishes, and the sweeter styles with spicy Thai and other Asian foods. Basically anything goes though – you’ll find it pairs well with Middle Eastern….Mexican….so you can’t go wrong with a bottle stashed in your fridge!