The Super Guide to Whisky Drinking

12 May 2017

The Super Guide to Whisky Drinking

The GLASS - A good, short glass with a heavy bottom - tumbler or tulip is perfect for enjoying your whisky neat, or with a little water for ice. For long whisky drinks, use a high ball - a tall, slim, straight-sided glass. 

THE TEMPERATURE - Drinking whisky over ice may be easier to drink but the flavours can taste different when chilled. Serious whisky drinkers usually skip the ice or add no more than one cube. 

WATER - High-alcohol whiskies can give a burning feeling, so try taking one sip without water first, than add a few drops to enjoy the rest of your glass and open up the flavours.

THE NOSE - Smell is often the best indicator if a whisky's flavour. Classic flavours like vanilla, caramel and toffee are a by-product of the aging process, while maple flavours are common in American whiskies. Taking the time to enjoy the aroma is an essential part of the whisky drinking experience. 

Celebrate World Whisky Day - Saturday 20th May, 2017.