Steinlager Black

09 June 2018

Steinlager Black

A Steinlager history lesson capturing key moments over the past 6 decades that we all love to know about this monumental Kiwi brand.

Produced by Lion Breweries in 1958 but not as we know it, back then this New Zealand classic was called Steinecker. Minister of Finance Arnold Nordmeyer challened NZ brewers to produce international quality lager and ceased beer imports in order to do it!

4 years later Steinecker was renamed to Steinlager with NZ's largest selling strong beer having a logo change the following year However this new logo change didn't yet have the unique and iconic Steinlager font which we are all so familiar with today. That was introduced in 1971 on a new turquoise green can which didn't even have a tear tab on it yet. That was introduced in 1972.

In 1973 Steinlager was ready to face the world! Exported to North America in a distinctive green bottle while us Kiwi's still saw Steinies in a brown bottle until 1977. This was also the year where Steinlager was crowned "Best Beer in the World" in the Les Amis du Vin Award (Washington DC). They took out the world stage winning 4 years in a row when they were politely asked not to reenter! 5 years later Steinlager takes out the Championship Trophy in the Brewing industry awards held at Burton-on-Trent, England against 800 other beers.

1986 saw Steinlager sponsor the New Zealand America's Cup and became the official sponsor of the All Blacks who in '94 had to cover the Steinie logo on their jerseys during their French tour due to regulatory restrictions.. In 1991 Steinlager was the official sponsor for the RWC (Rugby World Cup) in Britain. Steinlager continued it's yachting sponsorship in '88 where they supported KZ1, The Big Boat, in San Diego's America's Cup challenge and the Steinlager 2 yacht in the 1989-90 Whitbread round-the-world yacht race which was won by Sir Peter Blake in the absolute perfect race. In '95 Steinie sales soar as Team NZ, skippered by Sir Peter Blake wins the America's Cup in San Diego becoming only the second country in 144 years to win the cup away from its homeland. And we kept it away from them defending the cup on home waters in 2000! Unfortunately the cup left our shores in 2003 when we lost to Allinghi.

In 2005 we hit the pubs in London - becoming available on tap. 2 years later, in 2007, Steinlager Pure was born. Steinlager has now been a sponsor of the AB's for over 21 years as it signs a new deal with Rugby NZ as the official beer of the AB's. In 2011, the AB's win the RWC for the first time since 1987 - of course sponsored still by Steinlager. 4 years later the AB's take out the RWC again making history as the first team to ever win it consecutively. By 2016 Steinlager has been the longest standing supporter of our iconic team celebrating 30 years of backing the AB's.

Steinlager Pure partners with William Trubridge in 2014. The freediving world champ, tries to break his record of 102m unfortunately falling short in his last 10 metres but he attempts to break his record again in 2016 and is successful in this attempt!

Now in 2018, we see 60 years of NZ history in this legendary brand. And this kiwi icon is celebrated with the release of the Special Edition Steinlager Black - a spin on the classic lager that is dark and mysterious in colour, yet bright and crisp in flavour. We're raising a cold one for this NZ classic - cheers Steinlager!!!