Spirit and Food Guide

27 July 2018

Spirit and Food Guide

Find your kindred spirit with our SPIRIT GUIDE! Not the kind that will tell your future but will have you enjoying a meal with the perfect paired spirit. Spirits can be a great alternative to wine as a complement to winter dining or as an aid for digestion. The trick is to choose flavours that work in harmony.



 Salmon 150x150.jpg

Botanical and herby. Gin is perfect with cured fish like a rich smoked salmon or a shrimp cocktail

Whisky or Rum 

 Lamb 150x150.jpg

For heavier slow-cooked dishes, check out fuller flavoured, darker spirits with lamb and beef stew.

Prefer a golden rum? Try that with crisp roast pork.


Sausage 150x150.jpg 

Smokey and sweet you can't go past bourbon for BBQ'd Meats


Red Meat 150x150.jpg 

This distinctive brandy is perfect with game meat and mushroom