Red Wine and Food Guide

19 July 2018

Red Wine and Food Guide

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The definitive red wine and food guide below.

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 Sushi 150x150.jpg


Prawns | Salmon


Niçoise Salad


Pinot Noir | Valpolicella

 Salmon 150x150.jpg

Salmon | Seared Tuna

Duck Spring Rolls

Pork | Young Lamb


Light Pasta's

Merlot | Malbec | Soft Red Blends  

 Lamb 150x150.jpg

Roast Lamb | Steak

Kebabs | Sausages

Meat Pasta


Hard Cheeses

Syrah/Shiraz | Chianti DOCG

Sausage 150x150.jpg 

Game Red Meats

BBQ'd Meats

Spiced Dishes

Cured Meats

Spicy Pizza/Pasta

Cabernet Based & Amarone Style Wines

Red Meat 150x150.jpg 

Prime Red Meats

BBQ'd Meats

Spiced dishes

Cured Meats

Spicy Pizza/Pasta

Port | Pedro Ximinez | Marsala

Blue Cheese 150x150.jpg 

Chocolate Torte

Steamed Pudding

Dates & Figs

Blue Cheese



Created by Gavin Hubble
* For New Zealand and International Wines, paired with cuisine/dishes made in New Zealand with local ingredients.